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Marion Class of 86 alumni plan for the high school reunion in Illinois, Marion classmates of 1986 and graduates of 1986. Marion Illinois class reunion announcements from 86, contact information for the reunion can be found and entered.

Class of 86 Reunion site

To help support with upcoming and future class reunion cost you may donate any amount by clicking the following button. You are also encouraged to pay for the fees associated with attending our upcoming 30th reunion. Without the generosity of donations that we received it would not have been possible to have had such a successful 25th class reunion and we want our 30th to be just as memorable! If you would rather pay using check please CLICK HERE, print, and fill out our 30th reunion flyer and mail that along with your payment to Randy Johnson 2502 Rae Alan Drive, Marion, IL 62959.

The Marion Class of 1986 has launched an official closed group on Facebook for 1986 classmates only. This site will always remain active as well but we also decided to get on Facebook since most/many visit that social network on a daily basis.

Plans are now getting into high gear for our upcoming 30th class reunion. On behalf of the reunion committee we want to again encourage each of the classmates to become involved with our 30th reunion celebration. Most of the ongoing updates and communications will most likely be posted using the Facebook social forum group but some may bleed over onto this web site under the Events link. Stay tuned as there is more to come......"

Class of 1986 classmates please CLICK HERE and enter your contact information so you can receive information regarding reunion or any other class communications.

On this website you will find the latest information about reunion information and classmate updates. Click on the menu buttons to the left for more information.

by Clint Paul